Jogging. Tips on how to get over yourself!


Jogging is one of the most effective ways to increase your fitness!

A good trick to get yourself to go jogging in the morning.

Put your comfortable sportswear and shoes right next to your bed.

This way you get up in the morning, put on your jogging outfit, freshen up in the bathroom and off you go.

If you exercise first thing in the morning, you’ll feel fitter and more confident throughout the day.

Running partners can also be a great motivator!

Spur each other on, date hard and have fun sharing your passion for getting fit!

Laugh, run and feel good together.

Ask your partner to go running with you!

Motivate each other to keep going!

Combine jogging with jumping rope!

Treat yourself to sensible shoes and clothes where you yourself say: “I feel comfortable and vital in them!”

You know that you look sporty and dynamic with your great outfit!

Just thinking about your sportswear should make you want to go running.

When you wear your shoes, you feel like you want to set new personal records.

Your clothes must make you feel good so that you enjoy wearing and using them.

You will be more likely to achieve your goals!

Erzähl uns wie du dich motivierst!

Was tust du?

Was sind deine Tricks?

Wie sieht dein morgen aus?

Was macht dich Stark?

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