Jumping rope to increase fitness

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Train the whole body in just a few minutes

Rope skipping is one of the most effective sports exercises for increasing fitness!

Rope skipping increases endurance, defines your muscles and tones your whole body.

Why is rope skipping such an effective sport?

With 10 minutes of jumping rope, you burn about 200 calories and promote fat burning.

Your whole body is used and trained evenly, which is noticeable after just a few training sessions. Above all, jumping rope is a lot of fun! There are various jumping variations with a high fun factor!

As you will have noticed after your first workout, jumping rope is an endurance sport (cardio training).

Your cardiovascular system is strengthened, your oxygen intake is increased, your body balance improves and you feel more vital.

“Rope skipping is practised by most competitive athletes as a warm-up and endurance training. This knowledge confirms its effectiveness and is practised with great pleasure by beginners and professionals alike.

Due to the large number of possible variations of jumping and arm movements, it can never get boring!

Bouncing around loosens your connective tissue, tones your muscles and burns fat. This in turn leads to the reduction of cellulite and tightening of your skin!

How long should a skipping rope be?

Take both handles in your hands and place one foot on the middle of the rope. Tighten the rope by pulling your hands up in front of you until the rope is taut. The handles should be in the centre of your chest and no higher than your armpits.

Learn more about how to determine the right length in our guide.

How long should I train for?

In the beginning you should start with short workouts and slowly work your way up.

Try about 60 jumps per minute at a constant speed.

You can of course combine techniques and speed to create your own individual programme that you enjoy!

Plan on 3-4 times a week, about 10 minutes per training session and increase bit by bit!

We have created a couple of training plans for you.

You can take a look at them here.

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