Massages: The oldest remedy in the world!


The classical massage is the oldest remedy in the world! Massages have been used as healing techniques since 3000 BC and are still practised today.

4 Application techniques of the classical massage

The application techniques can be combined with each other and can thus completely fill out a wonderful massage.

1. kneading

Knead the muscles well. Not too hard and not too curly, optimal in combination with massage oil or lubricant to prevent irritation. Knead and push the muscles against each other to stretch and loosen them. This loosens muscle stiffness, tension and deposits in and under the skin.

2. stroking

Stroking movements with gentle pressure, in the direction of the blood circulation, from the outside to the inside and from the bottom to the top. Not only a pleasure for the muscle tissue, but for your entire well-being. Your cardiovascular system is supported and stimulated.

3. tapping

The tapping technique ranges from gentle tapping to strong clapping, which should be left to professionals. Pleasant tapping stimulates your nervous system and helps to release toxins.

4. rubbing

The rubbing technique is excellent when used in conjunction with a massage brush that has a nubby texture. You can of course use your fingers, but this can hurt in the long run. Massage brushes also have a handle where you don’t have to use much force to achieve great effects. Furthermore, the pores of your skin open up and impurities are loosened.

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