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CelluMag® massage brush with magnetic elements

Anti cellulite massage brush with magnetic support!

Learn more about CelluMag®

RollMag® massage roller with magnetic elements

Anti cellulite massage roller with magnets

Learn more about RollMag®

Anti Cellulite Massage brush

timulates the subcutaneous fat tissue and helps the skin to eliminate fluid retention and toxins. With regular use, visible improvements are seen after just three to four weeks.

Learn more about the Massea® Massage brush


Skipping Rope Natural or Black

Tight body and good endurance through cardio training with the skipping rope from Massea®.

Ropeskipping is one of the most popular sports and thanks to the ball bearings in the wooden handle, no more tangling of the leather rope and therefore much more fun during training.

The wooden handles fit comfortably in the hand and the removable weights make them suitable for any workout.

Learn more about the Massea® skipping rope

The stories of satisfied customers

At Massea, we value customer satisfaction and want to hear your story too.

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